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Eddy Current Machines for Automated High quality Component Inspections

CUSTOM Turn-Key solutions:

  • Detect and Characterize Surface and Sub-Surface Flaws.
  • Cost Effective Equipment.
  • High Build Quality.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Instant Part Verification For Spindles, Axles, Wheel Hubs, Bearings, and more.

Salem Design & Manufacturing Specializes in Building
Non-Destructive Testing Eddy Current Machines

SDM is the leader in building and designing eddy current testing machines that can inspect metal parts and components by integrating NDT Methods with Eddy Current Probes and Sensors into industrial strength systems.

Bar & Tube Equipment and Eddy Current Test Machines
Universal Eddy Current Machine for detecting flaws in metal parts
Eddy Current Spindle Gauge Testing Machine for accurate measurements
Eddy Current Machine using Ultrasonic Laser Vision Testing

Bar, Tube & Wire

Eddy Current Machines

Gauging Systems

Hardness Testing

Part Marking

Vision Systems

Custom Turnkey Eddy Current Machines. Specializing in Metal Flaw Crack Detection Systems and Thickness Measurements. Automatic, high resolution, multi-channel defect inspection of automotive and machined parts.

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